Victory Day and Graduation

This has been a busy week, as far as holidays go!  On May 9, we celebrated Victory Day, the holiday that commemorates the day the Soviet Army defeated the Nazis during WWII.  It is one of the most important holidays here in Ukraine, and especially in my region of the country.

Two 10th graders leading our school in the parade

Local government officials congratulating the veterans

War veterans sitting in the center of the square


“Happy Victory Day”

On Friday, we had our official graduation ceremony for our 11th graders!  Traditionally, this ceremony is combined with the last day of the school, but because of the upcoming Euro Cup, the schedule has been adjusted.

Graduation ceremony at our school

11th graders performing one of many dances

More dances

11th graders ceremoniously ringing the bell for the last time

With one of my students, Asya, and her mother, Tanya

On Saturday evening, we had the city-wide graduation ceremony in the center of town.  This ceremony was to honor all the students who are graduating this year in Rovenky!

Ceremony in the center for all the schools in Rovenky

With Oksana, one of my teacher friends at the graduation ceremony

I hope you’re all doing well and Happy Mother’s Day (Jeff, Jon, this is your reminder)!



4 responses to “Victory Day and Graduation

  1. I enjoyed all the graduation pictures. It was a festive occasion, huh?
    I’m so sorry I missed your Mother’s Day call, sweet girl! We had a really nice time with your Mom and Dad & Maggie and Bill at the “Sun in your Belly” restaurant in Maggie’s neighborhood. Your parents gave me a beautiful plant with pink blooms called Scottish Heather and some chocolates. Maggie (and Bill) gave me a black and white silk scarf with matching bracelet and a silver necklace to “frame” it. Uncle Tom sent me 1 1/2 dozen roses! Papa Bear gave me a sweet card. And (drum roll) my granddaughter left me a lovely message. What better day could a grandma have?

  2. Loved the pictures of V Day and Graduation. Wish we were there, Missing you already. Jeff and Jon did good, both bought flowers. You taught them well!

  3. looks fun! Sorry we didn’t get to skype this weekend. I’m busy trying to find a place to live, as per usual

  4. All the pics you send are so colorful! Looks like the students had a good time entertaining everyone. Now do you have time off, or teach summer school? American children will be getting out for the summer this week and next,they are al excited. Take care! Georgia & Mark

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